The added value of a Lemma handcrafted floor

The value of a Lemma floor originates in the craft-based processing developed in over 25 years of experience, in -depth knowledge of fine materials and installation expertise.
The processing is predominantly by hand, but our experienced artisans use, where appropriate, state-of the-art technology to ensure maximum accuracy. 
Hand-sanding, artisan quality finishes with oil and wax, natural pigments colouring are just few of the elements that make each Lemma floor a unique and precious asset.
Each manufacturing stage is carried out in our workshop in Piscina, Turin, Northern Italy. A guarantee of high quality 100% Made by Lemma as well as Made in Italy

lemma artigiano

Wood flooring in natural, distinctive materials
Our raw material: local wood

Lemma sources and selects raw materials of the highest quality to ensure exclusivity for their bespoke projects. We always give preference to materials in their original conditions such as whole tree trunks for constraint-free design of the highest quality.
Our selected materials include the best tree species such as oak, antique oak, walnut, chestnut, Asia teak, Macassar ebony alongside bronze, steel, brass, hide, marble and concrete to create multi-material floors.
We provide guidance to help our customers choose the most suitable wood and materials for their floor and bespoke solutions.

lemma tronchi rovere


Selecting the best, whole tree trunks is key to the realisation of a bespoke floor that fulfils the customer’s expectations to the highest level. 

Hand sanding
Incomparable result

All Lemma floors are rigorously sanded by hand to achieve the unique and incomparable visual effect that sets them apart.
Surfaces are hand sanded and “shaped” using specific steps.
In the Intarsia Collection, the points of contact between different materials undergo careful sanding to ensure the surface is perfectly flat and takes a natural harmony. The hand sanded-surface gives our floors a very high intrinsic and aesthetic value. 

lemma pavimenti intarsiati rovere

Hand sanded floors

Traditional hand sanding results in the floor being extremely pleasant to the touch, a feeling unachievable by industrial processing.

Natural oils and waxes hand finishes
Timeless preciousness

All our finishes are applied by hand to give the surface its characteristic, special patina. The all-natural oil and wax treatments ensures breathability, enabling the wood to maintain its natural qualities.
The finishing treatment  consists of several layers of product being  applied at intervals allowing the surface to dry naturally in fully compliance  with quality processing.
Thanks to our expertise, the floor surface is enhanced with a long-lasting and renewable protection, pleasant to the touch, always customisable and delivering the desired visual and tactile effects.

lemma pigmenti colorazioni naturali

Our natural oil and wax finishes 

Guaranteeing a product that is 100% natural and bioarchitecture-friendly

Natural pigments
Customised colours

Lemma offers its customers countless chromatic solutions and an impressive array of finishes to choose from. The result of over 25 years of experience in making hundreds of samples to specification.
From the lightest colours to grey to brown and black, no chromatic nuance is beyond our reach and the results are always surprisingly unique.
The desired intensity can be achieved with extreme accuracy using natural pigments, skilfully mixed with oils and waxes and applied by hand, 
The expert application of colour allows the natural look and texture of the wood to come through. 
Our samples are made ad-hoc to the customer’s specific requirements.

lemma pigmenti colorazioni naturali

Natural pigments

the core element of our infinite, bespoke chromatic solutions

Attention to details
during each stage of the manufacture of the wood floor

Attention to detail is manifest in each aspect of our production. A Lemma floor delivers perfection, reflected in the shape of  the elements of the floor  and the realisation of joint systems with the support of precision technology. Outmost care is given to the  sanding and finishing stages of our collections performed by hand.
The same care characterises the bespoke creative process, where nothing is left to chance. We also provide installation services to ensure a perfect result.

lemma lavorazioni artigianali

Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail .

(Leonardo da Vinci)

Quality control
Embodies our full responsibility to our customers

Quality control typifies each stage of our work. As well as guaranteeing the use of the finest materials and the constant evolution in our designs, Lemma warrants maximum manufacturing precision. Each component of our floors is treated as a unique piece undergoing strict controls to fully meet our exacting quality standards.


Research and development 
Giving shape to interior design’s new ideas

We continually strive towards innovative solutions to create unique floors that are at the forefront of the industry. We embrace every challenge with passion and determination.
We support interior designers’ new ideas by sharing with them our extensive experience in the pursuit of new, tailor-made solutions for beauty lovers everywhere.
Our Research and Development Team constantly evaluates new manufacturing techniques and operations. Our practical knowledge of the craft is supported by numerical control machinery.

lemma lavorazioni artigianali

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