Creating your perfect floor is a journey we will make together

We approach each job in a global and holistic way.
We share with the customer the design and manufacture of their bespoke wooden floor to ensure their vision turns into reality.
A completely customised journey. From the initial brief, to planning and design, to making the samples, through to production and installation, leaving nothing to chance.
Our open-source method is an ideal match for the creativity of architects and interior designers. It allows to experiment with sizes, materials, patterns, colours and finishes in order to create floors in any style and for different settings: modern living, country living, historic residences, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, museums, yachts and exhibition spaces.

lemma pavimenti


To begin with, we listen to our customers. We help define their desires and expectations, identify specific needs and technical requirements in order to develop the full project brief.

pavimentilemma progetti

Design proposals

Different planning and design solutions are discussed and developed with the customer and their architects/ interior designers in line with the concepts defined during the initial brief.

lemma pavimenti campioni personalizzati

Customised samples

Once completed, our customised samples are submitted for customer approval. These samples will serve as reference in our bespoke manufacture.
The approved sample is added to our archive.

lemma produzione pavimenti intarsiati

Bespoke production

Once our sample is signed -off, the bespoke manufacturing stage begins.
Throughout this process, the customer is constantly kept updated on our progress.

lemma installazione paqrquet

Delivery and installation

The materials are packaged in special wood crates ready to be shipped to destination and then installed.

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