Lemma Wooden Floors, Italian craftmanship excellence

Lemma has been manufacturing top end, bespoke wooden floors since 1995. Owing to a dedicated high-end production and receptivity to individual requirements, our company is regarded as setting new value-based standards in the field.
Our international experience includes the realisation of complex, bespoke and large-scale projects that, together with our versatile productivity, have contributed to secure Lemma’s stellar reputation in the field.
Our projects include: private villas, museums, boutiques, hotels and other prestigious buildings. 
Lemma is the ideal partner for any project requiring excellence in craftmanship, know-how and production capability. Made in Italy.
Located in Piscina, near Turin in Northern Italy, our production facility occupies a total area of 5000 m2, including: the workshop, the Intarsia Atelier, “the Library of materials ” and the showroom.
As a competent and reliable partner, Lemma will work with the customer throughout the development of their bespoke project.

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A Lemma Floor is as a result of time, driven by passion and expertly crafted

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To be the trusted craftspeople for customers seeking high quality. A place where you can design and create your own bespoke floor by relying on our experience and through innovation.

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To be regarded as a point of reference for bespoke, top of the range wood flooring.

Shared values

The pursuit of excellence

We never compromise on quality.
Our spirit of excellence is manifest in the quality of the materials used and our attention to detail.


Our operations are fully transparent. We keep the client updated on our progress and encourage their involvement throughout.

Quality of service

We celebrate what sets us apart by building rapport with our customers, as Respect, Collaboration and Competence lead us towards new horizons.


Our bespoke manufacture draws from an impressive artistic heritage and artisan tradition of which we are humble custodians.

Project culture

We take a global approach to the complexity of each project.
We are open, flexible and focussed on listening in order to fulfil the work technical requirements and design specifications. 

Sustainability and Bioarchitecture

We care about the natural environment. We give priority to local supply and eco-sustainable sources.
We constantly strive to bring about improvements to the sustainability of our production and operational footprint.
Our floors are 100% natural, a perfect fit for bioarchitecture culture, as we fully embrace its core principles.

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Why choose a Lemma floor?
Because a Lemma Floor is a choice that matters

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